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"Space: 1999"...At Least They Didn't Go Wrong With The Title!  Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire
In the mid-1970s, the production team of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson came up with the idea for one of the craziest and most intriguing scifi shows of all time: "Space:1999." In the series, man had created its first military/exploratory settlement on the moon, named Moon Base Alpha.  On the dark side sat the biggest and deadliest landfill ever created by humans, a nuclear storage waste facility that eventually undergoes an unexpected energy build-up and explodes, knocking the Moon out of Earth’s orbit and essentially making it a speeding rocket ship while carrying the 300 or so passengers known as "Alphans." At the time of its production, "Space: 1999" was the most expensive television series to ever come out of the United Kingdom. In 2012, ITV Studios announced their intent to produce a "re-imagining" of the series, titled "Space: 2099."  As for the story of the Alphans, the leftover episodes from season 2 were left fairly open after the conclusion of the second season and the cancelled plans for the third season.  In 1999, a "Space: 1999" convention showed a seven minute short video that brings the open plot lines to a bit of closure. They were detailed in a comic book graphic novel entitled "Space: 1999" "Aftershock and Awe."

Our Closest Earth-Like Alien Planet May Be Covered By A Vast Ocean
Proxima b, the Earth-sized, rocky exoplanet of our nearest star, may in fact be covered in deep oceans of liquid water that could contain life. Proxima b gained international attention this past August when years of research into the planet showed it may have the right conditions to support life. Proxima b was discovered this August orbiting the star Proxima Centauri, 4.2 light years away from Earth. The planet is around 1.3 times the size of Earth, but orbits at a distance of 4.6 million miles from its sun, a tenth of the distance that our own Solar System’s Mercury orbits at from our Sun.

We Land on Mars in Just 5 Days!
Here's hoping for good weather on Mars come October 19th. That's the day when the European Space Agency’s Schiaparelli lander pops open its parachute, fires nine, liquid-fueled thruster's and descends to the surface of Mars. Assuming fair weather, the lander should settle down safely on the wide-open plains of Meridiani Planum near the Martian equator northwest of NASA’s Opportunity rover.

New Method To Create Antiparticles May Make The Sci-Fi Dream Come True
The problem starts with the price: It may take up to $62.5 trillion to make just one gram of anti hydrogen. "If all the antimatter ever made by humans were annihilated at once, the energy produced wouldn’t even be enough to boil a cup of tea,” Diana Kwon wrote for Symmetry magazine last year. Now a team of researchers from the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IAP RAS) have figured out a way to manufacture antimatter in an efficient and cost-effective manner, by focusing high-powered laser pulses. Their calculations are based on a concept called quantum electrodynamics (QED),which states that a strong electric field can convert matter-antimatter particles from a virtual state to a real one. This, the researchers argue,can give rise to what is known as a QED cascade, a chain reaction of sorts that is yet to be observed in a laboratory.

Global Warming Will Hit "Critical' Levels In Just 35 Years

A team of top scientists is telling world leaders to stop congratulating themselves on the Paris agreement to fight climate change because if more isn't done, global temperatures will likely hit dangerous warming levels in about 35 years. Six scientists who were leaders in past international climate conferences joined with the Universal Ecological Fund in Argentina to release a brief report Thursday, saying that if even more cuts in heat-trapping gases aren't agreed upon soon, the world will warm by another 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius) by around 2050.

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